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Hoopty 34

Hoopty 34

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Length: 34"

Width: 9.875"

Wheelbase: 23.5-26" (old school mounting)


9 Ply Great Lakes Maple


Designed for Fast Freeride and Downhill. Suitable for Cruising and Commuting.

Complete Options

Completes Come With:

Griptape: Select Above

Trucks: Paris 43* 165mm

Wheels: Banana Wheel Co - Peels

Bearings: Zealous Standard

Hardware: Mini-Logo 1.25"


This Downhill Topmount is Sleek, Fast and Functional. Just what you need in a tanky 9 Ply Construction. Meant for fast downhill and freeriding, it features a simple yet functional radial concave that is deep enough to be functional as is, and is also "DIY friendly". The concave is perfect if you want to redrill your wheelbase, chop it to your preferred width, or even add griptape implants to customize lock-in and leverage. This Time around we gave the Hootpy the "wide-body" treatment, filling out the waist and reducing the amount of taper. This deck fits in perfectly with todays top mounts and can be mounted up with everything from 180mm trucks to 150mm. Giving you options to keep things boaty and stable or to liven up your setup and attack corners with ease. If you really want to start pinning lines be sure to throw on some of those fat grippy race wheels!

Reccomend using 1/8" risers for wheels larger than 75mm

If you're into fast downhill and a simple concave with tons of leverage, this is the racecar you want! This deck gives you options in a simple, sleek and affordable package!!

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